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Tiffany M.Tucker, a native of Petersburg, Virginia, is the Owner and CEO of Endless Green Consulting. Tiffany has a proven track record of managing her finances and maintaining a 700+ credit score all while being unemployed for three years. Tiffany helps those with a desire to build their credit, eliminate debt, organize their finances, get on track financially and increase their credit score. The concepts she teaches her clients are the principles she embodies and lives by daily.


As a young girl watching her grandmother pay bills, Tiffany learned the importance of managing finances, paying bills, and establishing credit. Every first of the month, her grandmother would write out all her bills and pay them the same day. At that time, Tiffany had no idea her grandmother was teaching her a lifelong lesson – take control of your money, create a plan (and stick to it), track your bills and pay them immediately. This strategy is one Tiffany has carried throughout her adulthood and has been the impetus for maintaining healthy spending behaviors. Those invaluable, unspoken lessons formed by her grandmother sparked Tiffany’s interest in empowering others to build their economic legacy through financial literacy and credit management.


Tiffany is a 2019 graduate from Virginia State University and the Valedictorian of her graduating class. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources Management. Her goal is to build a strong foundation of generational wealth for her most precious creations, her son, Zhiyon, and her daughter, Alana.

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